Shootin Hoops & Turnin Ankles

Lesson learned from a few days ago and an ankle injury: even if you played ball all throughout elementary school that doesn’t mean that you got game 9+ years later.

Got to get around somehow and keep that ankle elevated.

Really, I’ve got a sprained ankle to back up that argument. After playing junior league basketball the length of my time at Shaffer Elementary (Go Pioneers!), I was maybe a little taken back how by much I couldn’t play, but then I remembered the sport wasn’t exactly my strong suit at the time. I was all about the speed and assists but that was pretty much the extent of my skills at the time.

I sampled so many sports in my childhood other than basketball: skiing, gymnastics, dance (tap and ballet), soccer, volleyball, swimming, tennis, cheerleading, and track & field. This impressive list makes me sound super athletic but I think I kept bouncing around since I never really found the right sport. Years later the only ones I stuck with are tennis and skiing (if you count playing tennis once in awhile).

That’s not to say I didn’t have a super fun time playing b-ball the other day. People in my program played with 16 year-old Israelis who are staying at the kibbutz for basketball camp. Yeah, they were pretty good and the guys in my program had the game down too.

It was great to reconnect with something that was such a large part of my childhood that I had let go such a long time ago—until I came down really hard on my ankle and had to stop playing due to a sharp, shooting pain. Whether to blame the hot desert heat, the skill of the other plays, my out-of-shapeness, or my hiking boots, I’m not sure. The pain subsided for a while after all of ten minutes so I thought was in the clear… until later that evening when I couldn’t put weight on it and the same thing the next morning.

Thank God for health insurance and our res life director who took me to the local clinic. My cure: a supporting bandage, painkillers, rest/keeping weight off the ankle, and a scooter chair that is probably best known as a way for making old people mobile.

Though the scooter is a bit excessive and little embarrassing to drive around on, maybe it’s a little more fun than crutches.

Will this little incident keep me off the basketball court? Probably not since I signed up for the sport as my physical education credit next fall and it was pretty fun the last time around. Got to live it up while in Israel, but the next court I’m planning on hitting is the tennis court.

It’s funny learning these lessons from abroad. They seem so simple and like they could easily be figured out in the U.S., but sometimes it takes changing up the lifestyle to see things.


2 responses to “Shootin Hoops & Turnin Ankles

  1. Hey – take it easy!

    Gotta say, though – you’re stylin’ in that scooter.

  2. Hey, don’t get a speeding ticket on that scooter! Remember when I was on the scooter at Costco? Heal quickly!

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